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Who we are
Biocosm’ Ethics was born from a thirty year experience of Dr. Francesco Damato, a researcher and scholar of the various problems of skin and hair. Back in the 70s, he was already a pioneer in the use of naturally derived ingredients such as essential oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Persuaded that the path taken was right, over the years he has brought passion in creating and testing products of proven efficacy, to improve the quality of people’s life. Many are our collaborations with key cosmetic industry groups, both in Italy and abroad, for whom we have developed specific products that meet precise market requirements. This professional knowledge has now been transferred firstly to his daughter, Dr. Francesca, who has been at his side for several years and also to all his collaborators who share his passion.
Our Philosophy
“Experiencing Nature, by understanding its secrets, by mixing its active ingredients to create pure beauty and wellness in full respect of the environment, this is Biocosm’ Ethics” philosophy.
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